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Dear friends, welcome to the “Glowing Harp”!

I am proud that our contest is taking place in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and I would like to thank everyone who contributed to it.

“Glowing Harp” opens a lot of opportunites for young harpists: it’s a great chance to show your skills on the competitive auditions, to get new experience at the workshops and master-classes, to find new friends during the festival.

And for our audience it’s a great occasion to listen to talented artists playing beautiful harp music – already well-known works and also world premieres, discovering the depth of the world of harp!

That’s why our project named “Glowing Harp” – because harp’s world is filled with various colors: it can be magical and mysterious, can be bright and shining!… And all those colors lead us to fanciful musical paths – so welcome to the journey with “Glowing Harp”!

Good luck! Sincerely yours!

Veronika Lemishenko
Art-director of “Glowing Harp”

Glowing Harp Competition

Glowing Harp Competition

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