“Glowing Harp”

“Glowing Harp” is an international harp project. It includes a competition, festival, masterclasses, recitals, and other musical events.

The competition has several age categories: from beginners, to professional harpists.
The repertoire includes works by composers of different epochs, and also works by Ukrainian composers in each age category*.
The senior competition is held in two stages, with a final with orchestra*.

The next “Glowing Harp” competition will take place in Kharkiv, between 5-10 April 2019.

Masterclasses have two areas of focus: solo works, and orchestral excerpts. The classes are open to all harpists, regardless of whether they take part in the competition or not.

Recitals are a vital part of the “Glowing Harp” project. Our goal is to provide young harpists with the opportunity to present themselves, to listen to other musicians, to extend their knowledge of the harp repertoire, and of course to find new friends. This is why Glowing Harp recitals are played by famous musicians, and also by young, talented harpists.

One such example is the harp and organ duo of Veronika Lemishenko (harp) and Stanislav Kalinin (organ). They perform original compositions for this instrumental combination, and also own arrangements.

Another ambitious presentation is of the harp with orchestra. The Kharkiv State Philharmonic orchestra, conducted by Yuri Yanko, accompanies the 2nd stage of senior competition, and all the Glowing Harp Gala Recitals.

The history of “Glowing Harp” is as follows. Two Ukrainian harpists – Larisa Klievtsova and Veronika Lemishenko – had the idea, which became reality thanks  to the support of Valeriy Altuknov, the director of Kharkiv High Music School, and Yuri Yanko, director and chief conductor of the Kharkiv State Philharmonic. The first open harp competition took place in 2006. By 2014, the wider project had evolved. In 2017, the first International “Glowing Harp” Competition welcomed the participation of harpists from nine different countries.

*except for the youngest and harp duo categories