Лариса Клєвцова / Larisa Klievtsova

Larysa Klievtsova

Larysa Klievtsova – chief-manager of the “Glowing Harp”.

Larysa Klievtsova is one of the most popular and prominent harpists in Ukraine. Thanks to her pedagogical talent the harp class of Kharkiv High Music school has became the best in the country.

She graduated Kharkiv Hight Music School (with professor Natalia Kinevskaya) and Kharkiv State University of Arts (with professor Alexandra D’yachenko).

Shortly thereafter was invited to teach in Kharkiv High Music school and to take the position of Principal harpist in the Kharkiv Theatre of Opera and Ballet.

As an orchestral musician Larysa gave concerts in Great Britain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain.

As a teacher she steadily improves her skills – visiting courses of the International “Harp Master Academy” in Switzerland and various harp festivals.

Larysa Klievtsova is often invited as a jury member to different International Harp competitions.

Veronika Lemishenko

Veronika Lemishenko – artistic director of the “Glowing Harp”.

Veronika was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Graduated Hight Music School (Kharkiv, Ukraine) with professor Larisa Klievtsova, Gnesin`s Academy (Moscow, Russia) with professor Milda Agazarian and also Baroque music course in Scuole Civice di Milano with professor Mara Galassi (Milano, Italy).

Veronika was awarded as “HarpMasters Celebrity Master 2014” (HarpMasters Festspiele 2014, Switzerland).
Since 2015 she is a guest soloist at the International music festival “La Folle Journee”.
On-line harp journal “Harp Blog” (Paris, France) published an article about Veronika Lemishenko.
Participant of the 13 World Harp Congress (Hong Kong 2017).
In 2016 released her first solo CD.
In 2017 was invited by Chantal Mathieu to record a duo for her new CD “Damase on the Harp”.

In 2018 Veronika played a debut recital at the Royal Academy of Music (London, UK).
Veronika is a prizewinner of competitions in France, Spain, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, Singapore.
She took master-classes with Isabelle Moretti, Isabelle Perrin, Skaila Kanga, Naoko Yoshino, Park Stickney.

“Veronika is talanted and professional musician, the brightest Ukrainian harpist of her generation”
(© Milda Agazarian)
“She is a very talented musician, with the best abilities”
(© Isabelle Perrin)
“Veronika has a warm, full sound and a flawless technique”
(© Isabelle Moretti)
“She is one of the strongest artists under pressure I know, consistently able to cope with the most
virtuoso repertoire in the most demanding situations with a self-possession”

(© Helen Leitner)
“Veronika is an outstanding talented musician, she has a virtuoso technique, she is very open minded,
and she is ready to learn and always happy to experiment with new ideas”

(© Mara Galassi)

Veronika has a lot of touring, plays solo and chamber music, also as orchestra player. She is often invited as a jury member of various harp competitions.

Valeriy Altukhov

Valeriy Altukhov is the director of Kharkiv High Music School, Honored Artist of Ukraine, professor of Kharkiv State University of Arts.

He is an experienced, talented teacher, and believes that the modern educational process is a process of opening the creative potential of each student, his unique individuality.

To a large extent his vision has become such due to contacts with foreign educational institutions, from organizing festivals, competitions and various other interesting music events.
Every event he organizes is aimed at getting the highest professional standards for school students, expanding the creative relationships between teachers and students and also between colleagues from Ukraine and other countries, creating the best conditions for raising the new cultural elite of Ukraine.

Юрій Янко

Yuri Yanko

Yuri Yanko – director and chief conductor of the Kharkiv State Philharmonic, Honored Artist of Ukraine, prizewinner of Vakhtang Jordania International conducting competition.

Yuri worked with widely recognized musicians such as D.Bashkirov, B.Kotorovych, V.Kraynyev, D.Kramer, Y.Loevskiy, M.Petrov, S.Stadler, N.Shtarkman, O.Knyazyev, S.Shodzhi etc.

He collaborated with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, Vienna Philharmonic, National Symphony Orchestra of Moldova, with various Ukrainian orchestras.

Yuri Yanko has tours in Bulgaria, Netherlands, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Germany, South Korea, Poland, USA, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium, China.