Rules and Conditions

  • All works in the “Solo” categories should be performed from memory, except for the specially written piece in category IV
  • Playing from memory in the Harp Duo categories is not necessary
  • Programmes may not be changed after they have been submitted
  • Performing order is free choice
  • All stages are open to the public
  • Photography (without flash and sound) is permitted
  • The finals of categories ІІ, ІІІ and IV are with orchestra
  • No more than 5 people from each solo category (II, III, IV) will pass to the final
  • All potential contestants are eligible to apply for any category in which their age does not exceed the category limit
  • For stage 1, the time limit in each category means total minutes of music
  • In solo categories II, III and IV, no more than five candidates per category shall pass to the final
  • All decisions of the Jury are final
  • Harps (pedal and lever), and individual practice times are provided to active contestants. Participants may also use their personal instruments at their own liability and cost
  • Each participant will have an opportunity to practice 1 hour on the harp he will choose after the registration in the order according to their audition schedule.
    The shedule finalist will be provided after the I stage results in each category.
    Practice time on the other harps will be provided from 4 April
  • Entry fee is not refundable
  • All costs associated with participation are paid by the participants or sponsoring organizations