Bahar Asci (harp, Turkey)

Bahar Asci

harp, Turkey

First prize and Special prize winner
of the I Glowing Harp competition in 2017

Oleksandra Shkalina

harp, Ukraine

Soloist the Kharkiv Theatre of Opera and
Ballet, prizewinner of the international musical competitions and festivals

Oleksandra Shkalina (harp, Ukraine)
Daria Bershak (oboe, Ukraine-Germany)

Daria Bershak

oboe, Ukraine-Germany

Student of Hochschule für Künste
Bremen (Germany), prizewinner of the international musical competitions

Kyrylo Ustinovskyi

flute, Ukraine

Soloist ot the Academic Symphonic orchestra
of the Kharkiv State Philharmonic, prizewinner of the international musical

Kyrylo Ustinovskyi (flute, Ukraine)
Yevheniia Prysiazhna (piano, Ukraine)

Yevheniia Prysiazhna

piano, Ukraine

One of the leading accompanist in Kharkiv
Hight Music School

Stanislav Kalinin

organ/piano, Ukraine

Soloist of Kharkiv State Philharmonic,
leading accompanist in Kharkiv State University of Art,
winner as soloist and accompanist in numerous competitions

Stanislav Kalinin (organ, Ukraine)
Євген Андрєєв / Eugene Andreev

Eugen Andreev

PhD, composer, musicologist

Constant member of international and national musicology conferences, as a composre works in various genres: symphonic, chamber, solo and choral music, arrangments. Author of a special-written piece for the IV category

Iryna Zhdanko

culturologist, Ukraine

Candidate of Art Studies, head of the
Theoretical department at Kyiv Musical school n12,
musical critic, lecturer

Iryna Zhdanko (culturologist, Ukraine)
Nadav Konieczny (harp technician, Israel)

Nadav Konieczny

harp technician, Israel

Harp regulation master

Katerina Zhigalova

musicologist, Ukraine

Deputy director of the Secondary
Music School of Arts n3 in Kharkiv, musical critic

Katerina Zhigalova ( musicologist, Ukraine)

Olga Gubko

musicologist, Ukraine

One of the leading musicologist at the
Kharkiv State Philharmonic, takes part in the main musical events in Kharkiv

Dmytro Voyt



Dmytro Voyt (Ukraine) - entertainer
Arsen Shumeiko (audiovisual art and production, Ukraine)

Arsen Shumeiko

audiovisual art and production, Ukraine

Member of the Junior Academy
of Sience of Ukraine, Ambassador Klitschko Foundation, event-manager