II International Harp Competition
“Glowing Harp”

The Second “Glowing Harp” International Harp Competition is open to harpists of all countries and nationalities.

It will take place between 5 – 10 April 2019 in Kharkiv, Ukraine.


The deadline for applications is 01.03.2019.  To register, please use the online form or send the application form (download application form) and all required documents to glowingharp@gmail.com.  Please also use this email address to request bank account details for the entry fee.

   List of required documents for registration:

  • completed application form (online form or application form)
  • CV
  • a recommendation letter from your most recent teacher
  • two different photos (jpg)
  • copy of passport / birth certificate
  • entry fee * payment confirmation (cat.Debut – 20 EUR,  I cat. – 30 EUR,  II cat. – 40 EUR,  III cat. – 50 EUR,  IV cat. – 60 EUR,  cat.Harps duo – 60 EUR)
  • two copies of your competition repertoire (to be provided prior to the start of the competition)

   * please note that if the same participant applies in both solo and duo categories, the entry fee for the solo category is 25 % less.


  • category “Debut”:  up to age 8
  • І category:  up to 11
  • ІІ category:  up to 14
  • ІІІ category: up to 18
  • IV category: up to 25
  • I category “Harp Duo”:  up to 11
  • II category “Harp Duo”:  up to 14
  • III category “Harp Duo”:  up to 18

You can apply for any category in which your age does not exceed the category limit.
Age = as of 01.04.2019


(A precise schedule will be published on the website, and also e-mailed after the registration deadline)

5 April (Friday), High Music School (HMS)
11.00   Registration. Harp selection
17.00  Opening Ceremony. Recital with the participation of the jury members.
Special guest – Bahar Asci, the winner of “Glowing Harp” competition 2017

6 April (Saturday), HMS, Chamber Hall
Auditions of the solo categories, 1 stage:
11.00 – IV (up to 25)
15.00 – III (up to 18)
Result’s announcment

7 April (Sunday), HMS, Chamber Hall
Auditions of the solo categories:
10.00 – Debut (up to 8)
11.00  – I (up to 11)
15.00 – II (up to 14) – 1 stage
Result’s announcment

19.00   Gallery «COME IN»
Recital of chamber and solo harp music

8 April (Monday), HMS, Chamber Hall
16.00    Auditions of the “Harp duo” categories
Result’s announcment

9.30  HMS, Chamber Hall
Lecture by harp regulator NADAV KONIECZNY

9 April (Tuesday), Kharkiv State Philharmonic
13.00   2 stage (Final) of the solo categories:
II (up to 14)
III (up to 18)
IV (up to 25)
with the participation of the Academic Symphony orchestra of the Kharkiv State Philharmonic, conductor – YURI YANKO
Result’s announcment

10 April (Wednesday)  
10.00  HMS, Chamber Hall
Awarding ceremony

18.30  Kharkiv State Philharmonic
Gala recital of the prizewinners (solo and with the orchestra)
Ukrainian premiere of the “Spiders Web” by PAUL PATTERSON,
Academic Symphonic Orchestra of the Kharkiv State Philharmonic
Chief Conductor – Honoured Artist of the Ukraine YURI YANKO